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Can I advertise my business here?

Yes of course!

A major aim of the business community is to showcase the businesses of the members through a verity of media platforms.  However, Tee2preneurs business community does more than advertising, we also encourage all entrepreneurs to provide

  • Videos of their business profiles (3 mins)
  • Short Documentaries on business operations (5 mins)
  • Business Adverts (30 seconds)

These will be showcased and promoted on scheduled programmes via:

  • Tee2preneurs TV, partner TVs or Radio programmes
  • YouTube or other online video networks
  • Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Coming Soon

Every member will be able to place a Classified Ad and add their businesses to online directories within the business community.

If you dont have a video, we can help you. Just use the WhatsApp link below to contact us.



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