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There is strength in numbers – lessons from the birds and the eagles

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Research has shown that certain birds such as the pelicans fly in groups.

This help them to beat their wings less often

Their heart rates are lower than birds that fly alone.

When they fly in V form, they are able to conserve their energy, this makes their journey less tedious.

So, we can conclude that there is strength in numbers.


You may think, “I want to be like an eagle, I want to fly and soar alone”.

Let me disappoint you… eagles do fly together.

While other birds folk together, eagles converge.

A group of Eagles is called a “convocation”.


When eagles come together great things happen.

Eagles have strong sights they can see great opportunities from afar.


Don’t be afraid to fly with other entrepreneurs who have the same talent or skills as you.

Tee2preneurs business community is a platform that helps entrepreneurs come together to achieve more than they can ever do alone.

Especially in this current state of the country.


Look at golden eagles, they will normally stay alone,

But when the weather is cold and bitter,

Golden eagles come together to draw heat from each other.


Cut the journey short

It can be easy and not difficult.

Converge with other eagles and soar!

There is strength in numbers.


The world will want to deny you everything.

When you converge like eagles you can have everything.


Take a cue from our tradition cooperatives.

Tee2preneurs brings benefits by far better and much more.

Tee2preneurs is for those who are determined to achieve their dreams.

Together we can achieve 40 years journey in 40 days!

Fly above the skies and fly all over the world.


Be heard…Be found…Be Known.


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