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Our Membership Terms

Before you make a payment,  you need to agree to our terms of membership.

Account setup and terms of membership
We need this to register and personalize your account.
We need this to register and personalize your account.
example +2348004790600 We need this to contact you, send you notifications and information that concerns your membership
We need this to contact you, send you notifications and information that concerns your membership
You agree to pay you monthly revenue as long as you are a pro member. You can withdraw your membership at any time.

Community Activities and Services

We are a business community that aims to work together in collaboration, showcase our businesses through a variety of media, and help build up one another, thereby improving our monetary income and our livelihoods. The community also strives to reward every active member to build knowledge and trust. The reward system also helps members to build self-confidence, dedication, and motivation to succeed.

The community activity and services include:

Showcase and promote businesses through a variety of media (social media, online cable TV, e-Radio, Tee2preneurs online TV, Cable TV, YouTube etc).
Build on your awareness efforts and help you expand your reach locally and globally.
Learning together through e-Learning and practical business training (videos, webinars, seminars, audios and podcasts, eBooks, podcast etc.).
Business website (with sales and marketing tools) so members can set up an online business, build and grow their business right away.
Business profile (let others see your profile, it is like a business card you can share on social media, with friends and family.
Business networking (engage and collaborate with others and learn to grow their businesses).
Every member has a chance to win community promotion prizes.
Get rewards for everything you do, for just logging on to the site, commenting, watching a video or just taking part in a fun survey.
Take part in our revenue sharing programme as an affiliate or partner and earn monthly income.
Opportunity to raise business capital.

Membership, Revenue Rewards, and Awards

You will benefit from our revenue shares as long as you are a pro member of the community.
You qualify for revenue shares awards 12 months after you join the community. This is calculated on monthly basis.
Revenue shares are disbursed only when we reach revenue sharing milestones. For UK and US residents, the payout will be made when your awards are at least £50 or $50. For Africa (Nigeria, when your awards are at least N5000).
You understand that the revenue shares are NOT equity shares and are rewards given to members only.
Based on the management discretion, we give cash awards and rewards based on individual circumstances.
Revenue shares are rewards for being a member of the community and the management decides when to give out revenue shares, by calculating revenuer milestones.
Grant opportunities are available throughout the year based on our terms. Every member has the opportunity to win.
Pro Members automatically qualify to take part in all grant opportunities. However, they can choose to pick a new number every month or just roll over their grant registration number to the following month.

Free members can register to take part in our grant raiser opportunities anytime. Registration is N500 for a particular month starting from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. For instance, if there is a grant opportunity for June and you pay a registration fee on the 25th of June, the registration fee will lapse on the last day of June, unless the opportunity is extended to the next month.

Integrity Advocacy

We take our integrity advocacy very seriously, and any member of Tee2preneurs business community must read and accept these terms. if you do not agree with these terms, please do not use our community or service.

You must be ready to join us in building a business platform with an excellent reputation, based on honesty and integrity for our black race.
Understand that fraudulent practices in any form are NOT acceptable.
Understand that harassing/hounding and begging for money in any way is NOT allowed and prohibited.
Understand that any form of corrupt practices is NOT are not allowed.
Understand that any form of malicious or blackmailing practices is NOT allowed.
Understand that the account of any member found engaging in these acts or any inappropriate behavior will be deactivated and no refunds will be given.

The management reserves the right to take any appropriate actions within the law against anyone who violates these rules. When you use our websites, services or collaborate with Tee2preneurs Business Community or its parent company, you agree to the terms of use stated on this page and all our web pages.

These rules apply to both members, marketing representatives and all collaborators.

Membership can be terminated anytime at the discretion of the management if a member is found to violates our terms and conditions.
You can read more about our terms of service here.


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