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How to Showcase Your Business On Tee2preneurs’ Mobile Platform

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Today we are taking about ‘How to Showcase Your Business’ regularly on this platform.
Whether your business is tiny, small or big, local or global, showcasing your business should be a pride.

Benefits of showcasing your business
Any time is a good time to tell someone about your business.
It can only bring you more customers, connections, collaborators or investors.

What do we mean by business showcase?
It simply means
1. telling people what you do best (via writing or audio).
2. Show them what you can do (via video, images).
On Tee2preneurs, we have a wide range of entrepreneurs/small business owners.
So, if you grow vegetables you could show people how you grow them.
If you have a poultry – show it off with pride.
Gari – show us or tell us why it tastes so great etc
Web designer – give us a basic idea and show off your designs or let us see you creating one.
Blogger – share the link to your posts.

 Videos and Images
Add your images to our business showcase webpage.
Add your videos to Tee2preneurs online TV Channels.
Share the link on the platform at least once a week.
You can share a maximum of 2 images at a time on the platform.

 Advantage of adding the media to the website before sharing the link:
Lighter load on you phone and members’ phones
You don’t have to upload the files each time you want to promote your service/product
You can share the link as often as you like on the platform
Great for shy or quiet preneurs who don’t like to talk
Remember, you may share a maximum of 2 images at a time on the platform.

Submit your images go to:
Submit your photos to showcase your business
To add videos please go to:
Tee2preneurs TV Channel
For women glow channel
Women Glow TV Channel

Business presentation (Suggested Format)
1. Tell us who you are, your location/ what you do.
2. What is your goal for this presentation (find customers/connect/partners etc.)
3. Sell your business/self
4. Do you have any ongoing promotion (optional)?
5. How can people reach you after the presentation?
6. Links to your images/videos
7. Allow questions then or later
8. You may add a maximum of 2 images at a time directly to the platform.

*Business Catch-up Strategy*

If you have had the chance to present your business to members, you can still tell them again in many ways.

Business catch-up help people to keep your business at the back of their minds. One day, they may need you!

“If you don’t tell, I won’t know…If I don’t know, I won’t remember”

  • Tell the house how an ordinary day at work would look like. From the time you wake up in the morning until you close for the day.
  • Tell a story about a good or bad experience with a customer. How did you handle it?
  • Repeat short a testimonial given by a customer.
  • Share a link to your business advert, so members will remember your product/service.
  • Give short tutorials.
  • Try adding a signature at the end of all your post like this:


Finally, let us try to get on Telegram.
One major aim of Tee2preneurs is to make this group big enough for members to connect with new customers/clients daily.
WhatsApp is limited in many ways.
We are growing a telegram group – great and better App. It will be great if you can join us there.
What you can’t do alone we can do together

Our Telegram group join link:


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