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Community Activities and Services

We are a business community that aim to work together in collaboration, showcase our businesses through a variety of media, and help build up one another, thereby improving our monetary income and our livelihoods. The community also strives to reward every active member to build knowledge and trust. The reward system also helps members to build self-confidence, dedication and motivation to succeed.

The community activity and services include:

  • Showcase and promote businesses through a variety of media (social media, e-cable, e-Radio, YouTube etc).
  • Learning together through e-Learning and practical business training (videos, webinars, seminars, audios and podcasts, eBooks, podcast etc.).
  • Business website (with sales and marketing tools) so members can setup an online business, build and grow their business right away.
  • Business profile (let others see your profile, it is like a business card you can share on social media, with friends and family.
  • Business networking (engage and collaborate with others and learn to grow their businesses).
  • Every member has a chance to win community promotion prizes.
  • Get rewards for everything you do, for just logging on to the site, commenting, watching a video or just taking party in a fun survey.
  • Take part in our revenue sharing programme as an affiliate or partner and earn monthly income.
  • Opportunity to raise business capital.
  • And much more.

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